Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Aristocracy ... The Best Documentary ever, produced by the BBC, concerning the British Aristocracy ... Today "Born To Rule"

The Aristocracy series originally aired on the BBC. Each episode explores a period in the history of Britain's noble classes. Focusing on the decline of this class in the modern world, each tape offers a glimpse into a world only the privileged are intimately familiar with. In this particular episode, viewers explore a golden age for England's aristocracy. Around the turn of the century, Britain's aristocracy owned 80 percent of the land and dominated Parliament. The program features interviews with current dukes and duchesses, as well as with leading historians.

Born to Rule: 1875-1914Broadcasts
BBC TwoWed 29 Jan 199721:00BBC Two
BBC TwoMon 27 Jul 199821:30BBC Two
BBC FourMon 3 Sep 200120:00BBC Four
BBC FourTue 4 Sep 200100:05BBC Four
BBC FourSat 15 Sep 200109:00BBC Four
BBC FourSat 15 Sep 200112:00BBC Four
BBC FourSat 15 Sep 200115:00BBC Four
BBC FourSat 15 Sep 200118:00BBC Four

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